Gary Witherspoon's
Instructional and Creative Endeavors

I.  Courses taught at the University of Washington:

            AIS 317:  Indians of the Southwest

           AIS 203:  Introduction to American Indian Studies:
                           Aesthetic and Philosophical Universes

           Anthropology 536:  Visual Anthroplogy

          AIS 113, 114, and 115:  American Indian Languages:  Navajo

          AIS 110:  Music Traditions of Indigenous North America

II. Indigenous Issues:

Dwight Witherspoon is elected to the 22nd Navajo Nation Council

             Videos of Navajo Nation Inauguration of President Shelly and 24 Member NN Council
             A.  Flute prelude, National anthem, Miss Navajo Nation and Davis Boys
             B.  D.Tsosie, Pres. of Native Am. Church; Swearing in of Executives and NN Council
             C.  Inagural Speech by President Ben Shelly
             D.  Traditional Blessingway Song/Prayer for new leaders
             E.  Speeches by VP Rex Lee Jim, Kathryn Benally and concluding song and images
        Videos on, Articles about, and Interviews with Evo Morales,
First Indigenous President of Bolivia.

         Second Inauguration of Evo Morales and Indigenous Andean Ceremony

         Eurocentric American History:  My Essays & Related Videos   
Liberating Eurocentric History
                Discussion of Columbus Day Parades in Denver
                Buffy Sainte-Marie sings "My Country 'tis of Thy People You're Dying"
                Brenda Norrell's Blogs on Indigenous News and Media Censorship

IIIMy Writings:  Books, Articles, Chapters and Essays:

My Books

         List of My publications as a web file

      List of My publications as a MS Word download

PDF files of publications

IV. Multimedia Creations by Gary Witherspoon:

         Videos and DVDs

      Music and Music Videos

V.  Items for Sale:

      Vision Quest DVDs

VI. Professional Education and Experience
        Gary's Vitae as a web file
        Gary's Vitae as a MS Word download

VII.  Dwight Witherspoon is elected to the 22nd Navajo Nation Council

VIII. Witherspoons Nizhoni Herefords (our cattle ranch)

IX.    Film/video on the History of Witherspoons Nizhoni Herefords

For more information contact:

Gary Witherspoon
38909 Eatonville Cutoff Road
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