Indigenous News Blogs by Brenda Norrell

       Censored blogs by Brenda Norrell 2006-present
1.    US seeks to overthrow Indigenous Bolivian President Morales
    UN set to adopt Native Rights Declaration

3.    Mohawks attend International Congress of Indigenous Peoples

4.      Indigenous Border Summit of the Americas 2007

            5.    Most Censored of 2007 Awarded to Indigenous Peoples

            6.    Imprisoning Migrants and Children is Big Global Business

            7.    North American Indigenous Delegation Examines Venezuelan Health Care

            8.    Evo Morales, Bolivian style outshines US puppet

    Censored Blogs from Brenda Norrell 2004-2006
                 1.    Mohawks and Tohono O'odham Border Solidarity
           2.    Louise Benally Censored for making Indigenous analogy to Iraq
           3.    Indigenous Peoples were Disposable to Nuclear Industry

           4.    Censored and Uncovered Indigenous News (shorts)

           5.    The Censoring of Buffy Sainte-Marie's music

           6.    Western Shoshone and Navajo:  Solidarity in Resistance