Books by Gary Witherspoonn

  1.  Navajo Kinship and Marriage published by the University of Chicago Press in 1975.

 2.  Language and Art in the Navajo Universe published by the University of Michigan Press in 1977.   Language and Art in the Navajo universe was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize as a distinguished book of non-fiction.  It also won the University of Michigan Book of the Year award in 1978 as the best book published by a professor at the University of Michigan in 1977.  It was listed by the New York Review of Books as one of the 50 best books published in teh field of anthropology in the 20th century.

 3.  Navajo Weaving:  Fine Art in its Cultural Context published by the Museum of Northern Arizona in 1987.

4.  Dynamic Symmetry and Holistic Asymmetry in Navajo and Western Art and Cosmology written with Glen Peterson and published by Peter Lang Publishing in 1995.