Information on Evo Morales,
Amyara Indian and First Indigenous President of Bolivia

          Videos about and Interviews with Evo Morales
1.    Evo Morales as newly elected President of Bolivia by Journeyman Pictures (29m)

    2006 Interview of Morales on Democracy Now (38m).
Note the differences between a traditional Indigenous leader and other politicians.

3.    Morales speaks to United Nations about the Cocoa Leaf (8m)

4.      Evo Morales appears on John Stuart's the Daily Show

            5.    2007 Interview of Evo Morales on Democracy Now
                      Morales on Indigenous Rights
                      Morales on Politics
                      Morales on Indigenous People as the Moral Reserve of Humaity
                      Morales on Biofuels
                      Morales on Indigenous Role in Latin American Politics
                      Morales on US Relations  
                      Morales on US Intervention
                      Morales on Issues of Regional Autonomy in Bolivia
                      Morales on Relations with Iran  
            6.    Bolivia Rising
                  7.    Audio of a conversation with Bolivia's President Morales from The World

            8.    Morales playing Soccer

            9.    Evo Morales Muestra Su Casa

           10.   Did You See Evo Morales in the Daily Show by Liza Sabater

     Speeches of Evo Morales
         1.     Morales first address to the United Nations in 2006 (Spanish), part I
Morales first address to the United Nations in 2006 (Spanish), part II
Morales first address to the United Nations in 2006 (Spanish), part III
            2.     Evo Morales challenges FIFA by playing Soccer at nearly 20,000 ft. elevation
                    Bolivia President Evo Morales to Play Soccer Match at 21,463 Feet
                    FIFA backs down from La Paz altitude ban (USA Today)

            3.     "I Believe Only in the Power of the People" 12/05

            4.     Morales on Environmental Health at UN

            5.     Evo Morales es una Bestia
            6.     "Share the World's Resources," Morales Speech in Nairobi.

            7.     Morales proposes the UN to convene a World Indigenous Forum

            8.     Inaugural Speech (excerpts)
                    Inaugural Speech, Ceremony and Discussion
                    Inaugural Speech (full text in Spanish)

            9.     Morales Speech on October 12, 2006

    Articles and stories Written about Evo Morales
                  1.    Evo Morales becomes Bolivia's First Indigenous President
Evo Morales and Acknowledging this Continent's Holocaust
            3.    "Coca is a Way of Life" The Guardian 2/9/06

            4.    The Importance of Being Evo Morales

            5.    Evo Morales, president of Bolivia

"Morales's Rise Inspires Andean Groups," Christian Science Monitor

            7.    North American Tribal Leaders Meet with Evo Morales

            8.    Evo Morales nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in 2007
            9.    Taking the Side of the Coca Farmer (Time, 2002)

Profile of Evo Morales from the New Statesman

          11.    Morales has 80% approval rating

"Original Mandate for a Social Revolution" by Roger Burback,
                   Director for the Center for the Study of the Americas

13.    Evo Morales, el socialismo comunitario y el Bloque Regional de Poder
                   Evo Morales, Communitarian Socialism, and the Regional Power Block
                   by Heinz Dieterich